Visit a Rehearsal

Are you a women who can learn music by listenning to MP3s or CDs? Can you hold your own part in a round?

Then come any Monday night, 6:45 pm, to 300 Grace Street, Reading. Follow the yard signs, like below in the pictures, and walk into our air-conditioned space filled with warm welcomes.

All female voices are welcome, no experience is necessary.


Picture when you arrive at the church, 300 Grace Street, Reading.


If you turn left from that above picture, you will see our first yard sign on the edge of the sidewalk with an arrow pointing to the right down the alley.


When you get to the first yard sign and look down the semi-private alley, you will see the second yard sign in the crack between the pavement.


If you walk closer to the second yard sign, you will see the third leaning up against the door with an arrow to the door on the right.