On this page, you will find the links to get to both of our current fundraisers.
First up, Flower Power and below that Scrip, (you need to scroll down to see Scrip).

Here is the link to the Fundraiser organized by Arlene- Flower Power.

First a couple of notes-

1. This fundraiser only runs from now until Oct 15.

2. All bulbs ship to your door at the right time for planting this fall.

3. You can get roughly 50% of the proceeds credited to your RAV dues or contest fees.

4. Bulbs need to be planted this year before frost freezes the ground. 

How do you start?

Click on this link in blue below

If you then scroll down the page, you will see the 8 lines of flower choices for the fall fundraiser.


Link to our Fundraiser- Scrip- organized by Michele

Buying Amazon cards at Scrip- EASY-PEASY!

  1. Go to the Scrip homepage by either searching for Scrip in google, or Copy/pasting the following link into the address bar on your browser-

  1. Click on the sign in button in the upper right hand corner.
  2. This will bring you to the login page where you enter in your info from when you created your account.

  1. After you enter in your username and password and click “sign in” you will come to the shopping home page. My guess is the pictures may vary from time to time depending on what they are advertising at that moment, but the top bar remains the same.