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Date Posted: Fri, May 6 2022
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Harmony, Inc. Virtual Education - May 6, 2022

Hello, Harmony!

We are halfway through the spring convention & contest season! We have a break between conventions over the next couple of weeks, and I invite you to take advantage of the live classes offered by some of our favorite HIVE instructors. Check out the details below.

Can't make it to an in-person class? No problem! Visit The HIVE to explore the library of recorded classes available on-demand to all Harmony members and chapters. A full list of recordings with descriptions is linked below.

Happy learning!
In Harmony,
Kelly Peterson
Corporate Assistant
View the list of recorded classes (with descriptions)

Paul's Path to Improvement
Episode 3: Learn It or Lose It

Paul Ellinger
Saturday, May 7
2:00 pm Eastern

Ever had a song that you learned in two weeks and others that weren't learned after months?  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to determine in just nine minutes if a song would be learned or linger?  Well, now you can with Paul's 123 Method!  This approach WILL help ANY group at ANY level that wants to improve by gently and positively changing the culture while helping to learn music more quickly and effectively than ever before.  But, don't be surprised if even more amazing benefits of this approach are shared during this session as well!  Watch your group come alive and thrive with the HIVE and the 123 Method!

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Your Community Needs Live Music -
Get Out and Sing

Jan-Åke Westin
Friday, May 13
7:00 pm Eastern

After a long stretch of restrictions, your community craves live entertainment! The great news is you have the solution! Nothing connects people like singing.  You, your chorus and quartets have music within you and you can find ways to get out and sing! 

In this presentation, Jan-Åke will share his experiences creating community performances before and during the pandemic. Like others, his choruses and quartets have lost members and gained new members, both of which can limit the performance repertoire. Jan-Åke will give practical tips on how to sing what you know with those who can participate.  He will also touch upon motivators that will get us all singing with a renewed spirit. 

Being out in the community also boosts your chances of membership growth and future performances. Start your movement, now!

This session will interest all singers as well as music and administrative leaders.

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Sing With Joy!
Giving to Yourself, Your Ensemble, and Your Audience

Bill Colosimo
Wednesday, May 18
7:00 pm Eastern

As many of us return to live singing with our ensemble friends, it’s more important than ever before that we think of our singing—our voice, our skill, our time, our dedication—as a GIFT to ourselves, our ensemble friends, and our audiences.

When we want to share a gift with someone, we do all we can to ensure it is thoughtfully prepared, wrapped, and delivered in a way to guarantee its highest quality and to bring the greatest satisfaction possible to its recipient.  This class is for all singers, ensemble directors, and administrative leaders, and will cover the things we need to do as we return to “normal” singing activity to guarantee that our gift of song is successfully prepared and offered, including:

  • Restoration of our own voice following the pandemic
  • Recommitment to being a contributing ensemble member
  • Recognizing new and different performance opportunities to serve a song-thirsty community
  • Reaching our community through educational offerings
  • Recharging our leadership and administrative vision and processes to enrich our gift-giving potential
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