We have hotel reservations to Area 3 Contest and Convention

Fri, May 5 2023 to Sun, May 7 2023

  • Event Details
  • Type of event: Competition
    Venue: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Syracuse, 6301 NY-298, East Syracuse, NY 13057
    Description: We have hotel reservations to Area 3 Contest and Convention
    About the competition-We need 12 to compete but can sing for review with less than that.

    About the weekend as a spectator- 
    • You can come at any point in the contest, but last year we arrived Friday afternoon and checked in. You are required to stay at the convention hotel, but they give a discounted price. They are very good about dealing with multiple guests in one room.
    • Friday morning/afternoon is the quartet contest. It is fun to watch and make your guess as to the top three finishers. Seating is first-to-come/first-served, and people come and go. The quartets usually sing a Ballad and an uptune. Last year, Michele, Debbie, and I got 2 of the three top finishers in the correct order. Not Bad.
    • Friday evening, we went out to a delicious meal about 20 minutes away.
    • Saturday morning is the chorus contest. Seating is the same as the quartet contest, but the choruses usually sit in the audience as they finish competing and cheer for the following groups, so it fills up as the day continues. Usually, Northern Blend (from north of the Syracuse Area) wins, and they are amazing, but as they won the International last year, I am not sure they can compete this year. They usually have 5 or 6 quartets competing as well.
    • Saturday Evening is the Banquet, last year it was self-serve, but the year before, it was sit-down. Then at the end of the banquet, each chorus has the option to get up and sing another song, just for entertainment. Liberty Bells usually sings a parody, and last year one of the choruses reprised their Halloween song, which was hysterical and a nice counterpoint. Still, many others do songs they are working on or have sung before.
    • Saturday night is afterglow, parties. Basically, each chorus gets a room. (It used to be in hotel rooms, but there were noise complaints), Choruses bring food to share, and quartets come and sing as they feel like it. Last year we started in the Liberty Bells room and then moved into Northern Blend and listened to the rotating quartets sing a couple of songs up close and personal. People are friendly.
    • At about midnight, people started singing group songs, and last year we were all invited to sing along with Northern Blend as we were in that room. They try and pick songs most people know. This is a very fun experience though you are usually exhausted.
    • Sunday mornings, there are free drop-in classes. They are an hour long and on varied topics. I like the You Be The Judge, where you watch videos and judges come and give you thoughts on the video performances- ie. what they are looking for. I usually learn a lot by hearing things from their point of view. There are also often part-specific classes. 
    • The convention is over around 11 am.